Ghost Cosmetics Premium

Ghost Cosmetics Premium

To purchase buy here and open a ticket in the main discord:
Purchase Link | Discord Server
- Lifetime: €17

Ghost Cosmetics Premium + Fresh Epic Games account
- Lifetime: €24
Purchase Link

- Easy Temp Unlock ALL (MS and EG Only)
- Use Unreleased Skins
- Unlock Perks
- Custom Items, Offerings and Add-Ons
- Custom Prestige on all characters
- Play Previous and Unreleased Events
- Currencies Spoofer
- Unlink Cosmetic Sets
- Proxy Auto Stopper & Manager
- Optional Discord Rich Presence
- Announcements System
- Hide Every Module at Tray
- Auto Updated Client
- Auto Updated Markets
- Free Lifetime Updates

Terms of Service

If you purchase without having a compatible machine you will not be refunded.
If you'd like to purchase using CashApp or Venmo, please open a ticket in our Discord server and the staff will be able to assist you.

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    May 14, 2023
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